Blue Marine Watermaker 130

Swedish Made Water maker, model 130, designed for brackish water. Suitable for boats from about 28 feet to 100 feet.

Blue Marine Water Maker is designed for brackish water and works from the southern tip of Öland and further up north. It operates with reduced power when salinity exceeds about 6000-7000 PPM. Blue Marine Water Maker is not built for high salinity (over 8,000 PPM) such as it is normally in the west cost of Sweden. In the Stockholm Archipelago is the salinity between 1800 to about 4000 PPM.

Water production is between 50-130 liters per hour depending on the water quality / salinity of incoming seawater.

Blue Marine Water Maker is fully automatic and runs itself, just press the start button.

Blue Marine Watermaker comes complete with hoses, filter holder and 4 different pre-filter, stainless steel sea water pump, water meter, auto-stop, LED indicator lights, 3 pcs cables / couplers.

Technical Data

Note 1.

Water capacity is dependant on incoming water quality/salinity

Note 2.

If there is no power generator on the yacht, the Blue Marine Watermaker 130 can also be used with a sinus wave Inverter type WAECO SinePower MSI 1812 or equivalent. It must have a continuous power of 1800 W and peak capacity of about 3,900 W.

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