Today there is almost everything in modern boats but usually included a water purifier that makes you independent of the availability of water in the boat. With Blue Marine water maker, you have an unlimited amount of clean water in your tank.

With Blue Marine water maker, you get a more comfortable boating and greener existence. You do not have to go and look for refueling with clean water. You can shower and wash as much as you want. You have clean water to toilets and you can wash the boat with fresh water.

Blue Marine Watermaker comes complete with all accessories required for an installation. Blue Marine Watermaker is fully automatic. Press the start button to begin the Blue Marine Watermaker deliver clean water.

To have endless freshwater supply on your Yacht is a dream for all Yacht owners. now you can fulfil your dream by installing either a Blue Marine Watermaker 90 or a Blue Marine Watermaker 130. We are working together with the high quality Swedish Manufacturer, Swedish GTC who are producing these two plug-n-play models specially designed for Yachts.

We also offer the first UV-LED which is ideal for marine usage because it uses 12/24 VDC. So no more risks for bacteria, viruses etc. in your fresh water.

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