Blue Marin Arkipelag RO Watermaker

Arkipelag you instantly get clean water for cooking, washing dishes and showers. It’s made to make life easier.

With its compact dimensions it is easy to place on a small space in your summer cottage. The weight is 110 kg with a water tank of 250 liters.
Dimensions: W750mm, H1650mm, D800mm.

Blue Marine Arkipelag includes a Blue Marine LED UV light by Watersprint. We are the first company in the world to assemble to it to our products. The UV light has three LED indicators. A green light for power, a green light for standby turning blue for water flow, a green light for Wi-Fi contact. The unit is mounted on the front of the tank and is completely maintenance free with an operating duration of 5 years.

Blue Marine Arkipelag comes complete with stand, hoses and everything needed. All you need to do is to connect your lake or well water to the system. It will instantly deliver clean drinking water, ready to use.

Technical Data
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