Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) can often appear the most complicated type of water treatment  method to understand, or to select products for. We at AAWT make it easier for you by explaining the process and the technologies, identify key decision factors and then provide relevant options.

RO Systems for Saltwater and Brackish water
RO Systems for Fresh water with needs for cleaning and low salinity
  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-axeon-lpAXEON LP-Series

    The FLEXEON® LP-Series line pressure RO systems are engineered for the light commercial market’s requirement for a pump-less system

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-axeo-lc

    AXEON LC-Series

    Featuring a single pump design for enhanced performance, the LC-Series systems have been manufactured for capacities between 3.8m3 and 7.6m3 per day.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-spectrumSPECTRUM RO Systems

    With an innovative and robust design, the SPECTRUM range of reverse osmosis systems offers a modular system that is flexible for future growth and application requirements.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-flexonAXEON FLEXEON Systems

    Available only in its premier configuration these reverse osmosis systems have been optimally designed, offering an array of control features. Ideal for use in many applications that require high volumes of extremely pure water.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-pentairPentair PRF-RO System

    The PRF-RO, the replacement to the Merlin RO system, has been designed to meet the requirements for smaller, more robust RO systems without any reduction in performance.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-twistTwist-Lock POU RO Systems

    Convenience, practicality and performance in one 3-stage RO system has been created to fit elegantly into any domestic or commercial application.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-aquaroAquaRO50 System

    The AquaRO50 is an essential, complete reverse osmosis system to protect and purify water for use in aquariums.