LED UV for 12/24 VDC & 230 VAC


It is the world’s first LED UV light with nanotechnology, which is a secure and intelligent water of bacteria.

Led UV light eliminates viruses and bacteria, including legionella bacteria.

For the first time there is now the opportunity for boating / motorhome owner to safely get bacteria free water.

Led UV light installed after the boat / camping-car water tank, which means that regardless of whether the water has been a week or up to a month in the tank will take part UV light kill 99.9% of bacteria. The compact size, the same size as an empty kitchen roll makes it easy to mount.

If Led UV light is used for about 2 hours a day all year round, it has a life of approximately 7 years. In the hours it is about 5000 hours. Lamps lit only when the water flows through Led UV light

Available in 2 models.

D4Tap 10 liters per minute. 600 liters per hour.
Life 4,200.000 liters of water.

D4Tap + 15 liters per minute. 900 liters per hour.
Life 6,300.000 liters of water.

250-250-led-uv-3PRODUCT FACTS

Power 12-24 VDC or 230 VAC.
Weight 1100g.
Length 290 mm, diameter 55 mm.
Connection int. g ½ ext. g ½.
Consumption 10 watts when water flows through the device. In stand-by mode 500 mw.
Can be Wi-Fi Connected

The unit has three indicator lights:
1. Power lights green when the unit is properly connected to the power source.
2. Disinfection light glows green when standby and blue when active (when water flow.)
3. Wi-Fi connection lights green when the unit is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

2-year warranty. Led UV light is completely maintenance free.


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