Next Generation Advanced Oxidation Process

Arvia Technology supplies a revolutionary water and wastewater treatment system, the Organics Destruction Cell (ODC™), representing the next generation of Advanced Oxidation Processes. It removes chemical oxygen demand (COD), emerging contaminants and colour, so that municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment operators can meet the strictest discharge consents, or re-use water in their internal processes.
Arvia’s ODC™ system features an innovative adsorbent – Nyex, that regenerates during electrochemical oxidation. Requiring no replacement or disposal, Nyex enhances the oxidation process by firstly adsorbing the organics on its non-porous surface. The ODC™ then uses a low electrical current proportionate to the organic concentration to completely remove trace-level contaminants from water and wastewater


• Simple, modular and easy to manage system
• Scalable against flow rates and organics concentrations
• Clean, environmentally-sound and energy-efficient solution
• Chemical-free and no toxic by-products
• Cost-effective alternative to waste management

Arvia’s ODC™ Applications:
  • Micro-pollutants removal for municipal water and wastewater treatment plants
    • 96% removal of micro-pollutants at 0.1 kWh/m3
  • Industrial wastewater polishing
    • Removal of recalcitrant COD to
  • Colour removal from water and wastewater
    •  Treat dyes, inks and other sources of colour

Depicts the scientific processes behind separation water treatment methods, adsorption, and the technologies known as Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) and positions Arvia’s ODC system against them as the superior competitor, since it encompasses features of all of the competitive technologies

ODC system inside a containerised pilot plant with at a major UK-based water treatment plant

Arvia ODC can be scaled up or down and the corresponding energy usage it would require against specific flowrates

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