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Are you having your fresh water supply coming from a well or a borehole?

Does it smell, have bad colour or even taste some salt?

These are common problems today but there might be even more ”problems” with your water! To get the whole picture you have to send a water sample to an accredited water analysis laboratory. Contact us at AAWT and will direct you to your nearest laboratory.

When this is done we can have our experts to go through the report and suggest a solution which is purpose built for your well / borehole. This consultation is free!

Normally if there is no salt water penetration you only need some filtration to get good water again and if there is salt in your water you must have some type of Ro (Reverse Osmosis) system.

You can read more on the specific products on the links here below.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-mix-h20MIXH2O-PRO

    Is ideal for well or borehole water due to it capability to remove Iron, Manganese, Organics, Tannins, Colour as well softening the water by removing Calcium and Magnesium.

  • AAWT-150-x-150-Inox-std

    AAWT offering a broad variety of filters for different needs.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-gt130-basic
    RO (Reverse Osmosis)

    If you have salt in your water you need this:

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-led-uv
    UV Lamp

    UV Lamps disinfection of your water.

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