aquaTest-MO -Multiparameter Physicochemical and Organic Matter Equipment (Mod. P103)

aquaTest-MO automatically makes continuous measurements of physical-chemical and organic matter parameters, integrating the measurement of these parameters into one single unit.

The combination of these measurements provides the necessary information for water quality analysis and diagnosing the origin and causes of alterations and potential pollution of the medium. It is very useful for assessing the water pollution and the detection and characterisation of effluents, sewers and treatment plant operation.


• System of measurement that consists of:
– Multi-probe module: It includes probes for the temperature, pH, conductivity, redox and dissolved oxygen parameters.
– Optical measurements module: It incorporates a unit that measures absorbance at 254 nm to determine organic matter and 860 nm to measure turbidity.

• Configurable automatic cleaning system that adapts to any type of water with a high level of efficiency, even in wastewater.

• Data monitoring, acquisition, storage and transmission system.


aquaTest-MO continually takes measurements and the data recording intervals are configurable.

Cleaning cycles will be carried out periodically to guarantee the quality of the measurements and to extend the autonomy of the system.

The data can be gathered automatically in a control centre for analysis and use. At the same time, it performs a continuous analysis of the measurements and can trigger alarms in other equiment (aquaMostra) or systems.

Noteworthy Characteristics

• Measurement of physical-chemical and organic matter parameters.
• Automatic cleaning system that allows long periods of autonomy.
• Possible expansion of measurements.
• Organic matter, which can be correlated to BOD, COD and TOC.
• Flexible parameterisation.
• Unique unit based on LED technology.
• Capable of managing the capture system.

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