aquaMonia – Ammonium water analysers (Mod. A103, A104, A105)

Ammonium in spring water is usually found at very low concentrations, with levels below 0.1 mg of NH4+/l. Basically, its presence is due to excretions from fluvial fauna or as a product of decomposition. Plants take it up as a source of nitrogen during their natural cycle.

The presence of ammonium at higher concentration is usually an indicative of urban or livestock sewage contamination. It could also come from seepage from fertilized soil or have an industrial origin from the rubber, food, textile or other industries, or from cooling processes.

Measuring ammonium in water is an efficient warning method to prevent toxic effects on the environment given that changes in pH and temperature can turn it into its gaseous form (NH3), which is much more toxic than the dissolved ion (NH4+)+).This phenomenon is especially important in aquaculture installations as an effective warning of toxicity episodes can prevent significant economic losses.

The aquaMonia series of analysers covers the whole range and provides all the tools for measuring this parameter.

  • aquaMonia A103: Analyser for detecting incidents in surface waters with low levels of ammonium.
  • aquaMonia A103 Aquaculture: Analyser for monitoring ammonia concentration in aquaculture installations, notable for its effectiveness in seawater.
  • aquaMonia A104: Low maintenance analyser for mid-range measurements.
  • aquaMonia A105: Analyser designed especially for measuring ammonium in sewage in general, capable of withstanding high levels of turbidity.
    The choice of model will be determined by the users needs and requirements.
aquaMonia A103

aquaMonia A103 is the ideal analyser for determining ammonium concentration with great accuracy, ensuring perfect characterisation of the water mass.

Its application is centred mainly on monitoring surface waters, rivers, wells, etc. generally with low turbidity. Particularly useful for monitoring intakes of water to be used for the production of drinking water.

Based on the FIA (Flow Injection Analysis) system with potentiometric measurements, aquaMonia A103 combines a selective electrode with a semi-permeable membrane that stops the sample coming into direct contact with the electrode, thus eliminating all types of interference, thus preventing the sample matrix hindering the measurement as no interference can reach the electrode.

aquaMonia A103 – Aquaculture

aquaMonia A103 – Aquaculture is the optimal analyser both for monitoring ammonia concentration in the recirculation system tanks and for the filter input and output measurements.

Its application in aquaculture installations ensures a very close monitoring of the parameter variations, which is very useful for generating alarms that warn of toxicity due to ammonia and to obtain scientific study data.

aquaMonia A103 – Aquaculture is based on an FIA system with poteniometric measurement that combines a selective electrode and a semi-permeable membrane, thus preventing the high ionic strength of the seawater interfering in the measurement.

aquaMonia A104

aquaMonia A104 is characterised by its low maintenance and offers the ideal solution for environments that do not need a low detection limit.

Based on an FIA system and ISE selective electrode, aquaMonia A104 features low consumption of reagents.

aquaMonia A105

aquaMonia A105 is the analyser best suited for applications with high levels of turbidity and/or where ammonium levels are high, such as highly polluted rivers, sewage collectors, treatment intakes, etc.

Designed to measure values of up to 100 ppm of ammonium, it has an effective cleaning system with low reagent consumption to guarantee very low maintenance levels.


All aquaMonia analysers can operate in:

Automatic mode:

The equipment takes readings automatically.nIt includes a self-calibration system that prolongs the systems autonomy.

Data collected is sent in real time to a local or remote control centre for analysis and use.

aquaMonia analysers carry out ongoing treatment of the measures that enables them to generate and send out alerts to other equipment (aquaMostra sample takers) or systems (monitoring networks).

Manual mode:

The measurement process can also be carried out locally by sending commands from the equipment keyboard, or by remote control from the control centre.

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