Automatic analyser of ammonium in fresh and salt water

The measurement of the ammoniacal nitrogen in water and especially in fish farms is an efficient alert for preventing toxic effects on fish because changes in ph and temperature can transform it into its gaseous form (NH3), which is more toxic than dissolved the ion (NH4+).

Adasa’s experience in continuous monitoring can provide specific solutions that result in effective benefits for the aquaculture sector.


The aquaMonia A103 unit is designed for fish farms as well as for fresh and salt water; it is optimum for determining the concentration of ammonium between 0.02 and 4 ppm, providing a high degree of accuracy.

Based on the FIA system with potentiometric measurements, aquaMonia A103 combines a selective electrode of NH4+, with a semi-permeable membrane that prevents the sample from coming into direct contact with the electrode, thus eliminating any type of interference.

aquaMonia A103 analyses the ammonium concentration of 6 tanks or 6 different measurement points, showing the value of each one.


aquaMonia A103 may operate in:

Automatic mode:
The equipment performs the measurements automatically.
It includes a self-calibration system that prolongs the system’s autonomy.
Data collected is sent in real time to a local or remote control centre for analysis and use.
aquaMonia A103 is continually taking measurements, which enables it to generate and send alarms to other equipment or systems.

Manual mode:
The measurement process can also be carried out locally by sending commands from the equipment keyboard, or by remote control from the control centre.

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