aquaBio – Automatic determination of Escherichia coli and total coliform, result within 3hours

The Escherichia coli and total coliform parameters are key and essential indicators for determining possible uses and reuse of the water.

RD1620/2007, which sets the legal basis for reusing treated water requires controlling Escherichia coli and depending on its concentration, defines the allowed uses for the water that is regenerated.

In addition, directive 2006/7/CE relative to the management of the quality of bath water classifies the quality of this resource according to several parameters, where the determination of the presence of Escherichia coli is an important factor.

aquaBio is especially designed for determining the total Escherichia coli and coliforms in water, which makes it an optimum tool for water monitoring according to its use.


• Hydraulic and fluid management system.
• Thermostatic measuring chamber that includes the bucket where the incubation and measurement of the sample is conducted optically.
• Multi-λ optic measuring system.
• Software and electronics capable of controlling the system and managing the data.


Measurement Principle
The measurement principle is based on DST® (defined substrate technology), with an alternate fluorescence and absorbance detection system.

Defined Substrate Technology
aquaBio uses reagent Colilert-18®(*) based on defined substrate technology (DST®) for the detection of total coliforms and Escherichia coli.
The coliforms use the β-galactosidase to metabolise ONPG and generate a yellow colour in the medium.
Escherichia coli, also uses β-glucuronidase to metabolise MUG and generate fluorescence.
The determination of E. coli as well as total coliforms is based on the correlation that exists between the concentration of bacteria and the time when the fluorescence and/or the colour appears.
The sensitivity of the system allows detecting concentrations of 108 NMP after 3 hours.

Disinfection of the System
The independence between samples is assured by an adequate hydraulic and mechanical management of the system, avoiding contamination between the different samples.

Noteworthy Characteristics

• Simultaneous measurement of Escherichia coli and total coliforms.
• Calculating the NMP in 3 h for waters that are highly contaminated.
• Low maintenance.
The system only requires maintenance every 15 days. These quarterly tasks are limited to replacing reagents and a monthly semi-automatic cleaning and replacement of a consumable part.
• Programming the equipment.
aquaBio is programmable and allows carrying out daily analysis at the same time or consecutively, providing a graphic display of the accumulated values.
• Transmission to the control centre.

The data may be transmitted to a control centre automatically for analysis and use. Furthermore, aquaBio operates the results and sends alarms to other equipments (ie. aquaMostra, the automatic sampling equipment) or to additional water monitoring networks.

(*) Colilert-18 ® is a registered trademark.The reagent liquid form has been developed by Adasa, without IDEXX validation.

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