EACAR – Automatic Wastewater Quality Monitoring

EACAR stations are a real time quality monitoring system for the effluents of wastewater treatment plants, providing valuable information as compared with the traditional periodic control by means of taking scheduled samples.

EACAR allows knowing in real time the behaviour of wastewater treatment plants detecting the plant’s operating incidents early, which makes it possible to make timely decisions when faced with a problem that destabilizes the process, minimizing non desired discharges.

EACAR ensures compliance with established quality objectives, authorization limits and permanent adaptation of discharge fees.

It provides an overall picture of the most significant spillages and the impact risks they could produce within the environment. In addition, it verifies compliance with the established quality assurance goals, authorised limits and permanent adaptation of spilling fees.

Through continuous monitoring of effluent quality, EACAR provides information on process performance and gives real-time indications on plant performance during operational incidents and on how to recover operational process stability when this is lost.


The system operates automatically and continually by recording the measured values of the implemented parameters and any registered quality assurance alarms according to programmed limits. These alarms may produce sampling for subsequent analysis in the laboratory. Operational alarms are recorded in order to facilitate adaptation of the system operating conditions.
Operating commands can be transmitted from the control centre to the stations.

Differentiating characteristics

• Information required for spillages condition management at all times
• Production of a data log and customised reports
• Detection of anomalous spillages situations and the development of suitable measures to take
• Reduced maintenance
• Autonomous control with remote control
• Simple integration into existing systems with few implementation requirements

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