Emergency Watermaker – EWM15


The EWM15 can be installed on a trailer or similar. Together with the folded bladder tank for drinking water you can take this unit anywhere, if you don’t have electricity to run the EWM15 we can configure it with a diesel power generator or solar panels. The capacity is 15 000 liters/day from Sea water or Brackish water and up to 30 000 liters/day with contaminated (salt free) fresh water.

If you need to produce fresh water on several places it might be enough with one EWM15 and several bladder tanks which you can leave at different “Water Distribution” points.

Contact us AAWT and we can explain to you more about the EWM15 and how it can be configured for your need.

Principal Description of EWM15
Tank production:


  • Quality: drinkable
  • Flow 0,63 m3/h
  • Maximum height to tank 8 m
  • Quality: sea water or sweet water
  • Flow 1,4 m3/h
  • Maximum sucking height 6 m




  • Flow 0,8 m3/h
  • Maximum flow height 0 m
    Electric consumption:
  • Consumption 4,0 kWh
  • Voltage 400V/230V 50 Hz
  • For 10 m3 drinking water
  • PVC layer 1100 g / m2 with anti-UVA
  • Dimensions: 5.90 m X 2.96 m – Height 1.00 m max. 41 Kg.


Treatment of radiological/radioactive contamination is excluded. Needed is to say that such contamination is normally provided by mineral and organic compounds found in water, thus a physical-chemical tratment is a basic procedure to reduce such contamination levels.
The recomendation to treat such diversity of waters is inverse osmosis with a complete pre-treatment beforehand and a correct disinfection afterwards.

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