Water Conditioning Systems

Water conditioning systems are commonly used when you would like to make your water more “soft” by removing Calcium and Magnesium but there is more you can remove with the water conditioner. follow the links to find out more.

One product to point out is the MIXH2O-PRO which is ideal for well or borehole water due to it capability to remove Iron, Manganese, Organics, Tannins, Colour as well softening the water by removing Calcium and Magnesium.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-softe20-floSoftH20-FLO

    Stylish, compact, ready to install units with integral
    flow meter that saves money on salt and water.
    Ideal for light commercial use as well as excelling
    in residential installations, the FLO system boasts
    excellent features at a competitive price.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-soft20-pro

    With flow rate capabilities from 4.5-12m3/hr, the
    SPECTRUM PRO systems provide ultimate flexibility
    and cater for the most demanding applications.

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-soft20-duo

    The perfect solution when a constant supply of soft
    water is required 24/7. DUO systems feature a single
    Fleck valve that controls both pressure vessels,
    minimising parts whilst maximising soft water

  • aawt-web-pic-150-150-mix-h20

    5 major problems associated with well and
    borehole water are treated with just 1 water
    treatment system.

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