aquaScout – Floating autonomous multiparameter equipment

aquaScout carries out continual automatic measurements of physicochemical parameters with complete energy autonomy and the capacity to transmit data to a control centre.

Readings taken by aquaScout make it possible to diagnose distortions and irregular situations in the medium. This is very useful for determining water quality, and for detecting and characterising waste.

aquaScout is the best solution for water quality monitoring, enabling multiple and simple changes of location in the medium thanks to its floating structure. aquaScout is the ideal equipment for undertaking campaigns for water quality monitoring or waste control in rivers and lakes. It can operate as an individual unit or as several units in a network.


aquaScout consists of a single compact buoy-type unit, which is autonomous and floating, as well as a management system for readings with self-cleaning to give it a high-level of autonomy and to minimize maintenance operations. .

The system comprises the following elements:
• Multi-probe module that includes temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity probes.
• Autonomous energy system using solar panel and batteries.
• Probe self-cleaning system.
• Positioning and communications module (control, acquisition, storage and transmission of data).


aquaScout takes readings continually, enabling the configuration of data recording intervals.

The use of low consumption micro-processor technologies, together with advanced control software, guarantees that the aquaScout equipment can remain on stand-by and minimize energy consumption, which, together with the built-in solar powered battery charging system, lengthens its autonomous operation indefinitely.

aquaScout incorporates real-time or deferred data transmission capability, thanks to its GSM/GPRS communications system.

The communications protocol established is compatible with most control centres on the automatic system network for water quality data.

Cleaning cycles carried out periodically to ensure the quality of the readings and to lengthen system autonomy.

Data is transmitted to a control centre automatically for analysis and use.

Outstanding Features

• Easy location changing.
• Easily transportable.
• Energy autonomy.
• Automatic cleaning system that guarantees long measurement periods
• GPS positioning.
• GSM/GPRS Communication.
• Measurement of parameters ”in situ”.

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