The shortage of fresh water is pushing all of us to use our water reserves wisely. One big user of fresh water is the agriculture business. Therefore, we now can offer smart system to control your irrigation. With the aquaReg we can now take control of your irrigation as well you will have a healthier product which gets the water it just needs, no more to much or too little water.

aquaReg is an irrigation water monitoring unit prepared for automating and controlling hydrants in an irrigation system.

It incorporates a solid GSM/GPRS communications system that ensures maximum coverage and minimizes the costs of transmitting guidelines and commands from the control centre.

Structure System

• aquaReg irrigation water monitoring unit.
• UCR OPC Driver: communication management software. It is the bridge between the control center or SCADA and aquaReg equipment..

The main advantage of the system based on GSM / GPRS communication is the simplicity of its architecture since all computers directly communicate with the UCR OPC Driver. This architecture allows data transmission in real or deferred time, as needed and depending on feed-in system.


The proposed system ensures:

• Control, acquisition and storage of information of the entire network (consumption, pressure, levels…).
• Double solenoid valves operation management.
• Control and alarm in case of intrusion, flooding, valves failure…

All information sent and received by aquaReg equipment is stored by the UCR OPC Driver and can be managed by any control center using standard OPC communications

Noteworthy Characteristics

• Management of 4 hydrants.
• GSM / GPRS communication.
• 8 years autonomy (See conditions).
• Versatile power system with integrated SLA battery charger.
• Reading smart meters.
• Storage capacity of irrigation programs.
• Hydrant failure alarms.

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