The use of Real-Time Water Quality monitoring has gained popularity over the last years. To have control of the water quality all the time 24/7 have lot of advantages over traditional “sample-to-lab” techniques in terms of speed and long-term cost. Avoiding any “surprises” which might harm the products or the environment.

RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) has several advantages over traditional sea based aquaculture farms such as:

• Reduced water requirements as compared to raceway (flow-trough system) or pond aquaculture systems.
• Reduced land needs due to the high stocking density
• Site selection flexibility and independence from a large, clean water source.
• Reduction in wastewater effluent volume.
• Increased biosecurity and ease in treating disease outbreaks.
• Ability to closely monitor and control environmental conditions to maximize production efficiency. Similarly, independence from weather and variable environmental conditions.

While having products for the traditional Aquaculture AAWT also have products offering control of your water quality parameters in real-time, in the whole RAS process.


Real-Time Parameter Monitoring

  • WEB-pic-200-x-200-AquaCultureaquaCulture
    Automatic analyzer of ammonium in fresh and salt water

  • WEB-pic-200-x-200---NitrateRealNitrate
    Real time monitoring of NO3, NO3-N and NO2 in fresh and salt water

  • WEB-pic-200-x-200-AquaTestaquaTest-MO
    Multiparameter Physicochemical and Organic Matter Equipment (Mod. P103)

  • WEB-pic-200-x-200-SDISDI
    Automatic Silt Density Index Meter

  • WEB-pic-200-x-200-AquaScoutaquaScout
    Floating autonomous multiparameter equipment

Off Line Parameter Analysis

Water Treatment