Water Treatment – Carbon

AAWT offers through Fileder a comprehensive range of water filters, water purification systems and equipment. Whatever your water filtration needs, Fileder Filter Systems has the water treatment solution for you. To view the complete range of Fileder filtration products, simply follow this link , the links here below or contact us at AAWT.
The combination of plastics extrusion and activated carbon technologies has transformed the future of carbon filtration. By incorporating powder-activated carbon and small mesh structures with extrusion manufacturing methods, clean, consistent and economic carbon filters termed ‘carbon block’ are created.
Having the ability to target heavy metals, such as lead and mercury; volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as lindane and atrazine; Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs); chlorine; chloramines; sediment; particulate matter; cysts; asbestos; man-made contaminant by-products, such as MTBE; and others Fileder carbon blocks are effective and efficient.
To cover all applications and constructed from all FDA approved materials, Fileder has an extensive range of such carbon filter blocks – all with the advantages over traditional granular carbon of greater efficiency, longer life, higher flow, no channelling, lower extractables, fine filtration, cleaner and greater versatility.

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