SDI Membrane Filter

Membrane filters for our manual and portable SDI meters.

• Aike Manual SDI Kit -110/120
• Discpore Manual SDI Kit-110
• Aike Portable SDI Test Kit – 110/120
• RizonSDI Portable Automatic SDI Tester -120

AIKE Membrane Filters

  • AAWT-150-x-150-SDI-Filter-2
  • Main Parameters

    •Diameter: 47mm
    • Filtration Rating: 0.45 micron
    • Filtration Area: 13.8cm2
    • White disc hydrophilic membrane filters
    • Filter Material: Cellulose acetate
    • 100pcs per package
    • Package: a plastic seal box

Ordering information: P/N HAK-47-MCE

RizonSDI AUTO SDI MONITOR Membrane filter
  • AAWT-150-x-150-SDI-Filter
  • Main Parameters

    • Filter pore size: 0.45 micron
    • Filter Length: 6m
    • Time of measures: 80~100
    • Filter Material: Cellulose acetate
    • Package: 10 roll per box

Ordering information: P/N HSDI-0645-MCE

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